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How to use influencer marketing to drive brand activations and boost instore/venue sales

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There is a new journey in town for consumers – Influencer Activations.  It has been known for a while that influencer content not only creates brand awareness but leads to a positive brand reputation.

If an influencer posts about a positive experience they had with your brand, their followers are more likely to trust your brand, and up to now linking with online stores has been relatively easy. However, what if you want to run a campaign redeemable in bricks and mortar stores, is this possible?

Working with our partner xInfluence, this webinar takes a simple step by step approach on how influencer campaigns can be set up quickly and efficiently to engage consumers to drive footfall into store to purchase your Brand.

What's expected:

  • Background to influencer marketing
  • How to search for your ideal influencers
  • Restrictions and rules behind Influencer campaigns
  • Activating offers and redeeming outlets
  • Your brand and your T’s and C’s
  • Measuring and optimising your influencer campaigns to maximise and record ROI

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