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Companies – especially retailers – are constantly seeking every advantage possible to attract, engage, and retain customers.  Sign up for this webinar to join experts from Chargebee and Eagle Eye in exploring how subscription and loyalty programs offer a potent combination for retailers to achieve these critical objectives.

This webinar will take a wide-ranging journey through the world of subscriptions and loyalty in the retail industry, touching on the psychology of subscriptions, their impact on both incremental revenue and customer lifetime value, and citing in-market examples of subscription-loyalty initiatives that are making a difference for the brands that implement them.


What you’ll learn:

► How – and by how much – subscriptions drive customer retention 
► Strategies to execute an effective subscription model 
► The unique applications and impacts of subscriptions on retail businesses 
► The relationship between value and loyalty and how subscriptions fit in 
► Real-world examples of successful retail subscription loyalty initiatives


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Meet the speakers:

Al Henderson

Al Henderson, Chief Sales Officer at Eagle Eye

Carl Nightingale

Carl Nightingale, Head of Product at Chargebee Retention