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Personalisation: Beyond a name 

Find out how taking a personalised approach to when, where and how businesses offer promotions to their customers has a huge impact on the success of their campaign.

It’s no secret that we are all individuals with different thoughts, interests, habits and preferences. While our diverse make-up keeps things interesting, it poses a real stumbling block for businesses... if customers are all different, how can we possibly appeal to everyone? How can we deploy offers and campaigns to increase our market share and effectively drive spend and frequency? With a ‘one size fits all’ strategy, the answer is that we can’t.

This reality is driving businesses to change, with 42% of marketers naming personalised marketing as a top priority in 2017, according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing. It’s hardly surprising considering the benefits it brings; brands that create personalised experiences are seeing revenue increase by 6-10%, up to three times faster than those who do not according to Boston Consulting group.

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