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The Omnichallenge Webinar - Episode 2: The Analogue Years

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Do you remember the analogue years when mobile phones were still novelties, people used VHS tapes to watch videos and CDs to play music, and retailers were just beginning to discover the value of plastic loyalty cards and the customer data they generated?

While the tapes and CDs were relegated to charity shops and the analogue museum long ago, the immense value and power of customer data lives on in ways that retailers never quite imagined. And perhaps that why some are still stuck in those analogue years.

The latest episode of The Omnichallenge takes us back to the days of the first grocery Clubcard program, and how it transformed the way grocers, retailers and consumer-facing businesses would think about customer marketing and creating digital customer connections in the decades since.

Tune in to hear more about retailers’ Omnichallenge with hosts Vanessa Horwell and Tim Mason, author of Omnichannel Retail, How to Build Winning Stores in a Digital World and CEO of Eagle Eye.

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