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Interim Report for FY24

Eagle Eye Interim Report 2024

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AI and the Current State of Retail Marketing

How retailers can maximize the potential of AI and overcome the primary challenges of retail marketing.


The buzz surrounding AI applications in retail marketing is inescapable. But how exactly does AI fit into existing retail marketing strategies, and how can retailers get the most out of this new technology?

These are just a few questions our latest eBook aims to answer. Drawing on insights from Eagle Eye’s AI experts and real-world examples of AI in action, AI & the Current State of Retail Marketing examines how AI will impact personalization efforts, the importance of data in building predictive models, and how retailers can optimize AI outputs.

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Scope market

What the current state of retail marketing tells us about its AI-powered future
personalization star

How AI is bringing retailers closer to the holy grail of one-to-one personalization

Which marketing applications are ideal for generative AI and predictive AI

of customers were likely or very likely to try a new grocery store brand.


of consumers said personalized offers were important or very important in helping them save money when they shop


of consumers expect personalisation


are frustrated when they don’t receive personalisation

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Paul Tepfenhart
"Now, with AI, we’re on the precipice of achieving the retail marketing holy grail: true one-to-one personalization, recognizing the individuality of each shopper and delivering a custom retail experience that reflects their unique needs and desires."
Paul Tepfenhart
Global Director Google Cloud-Head of Food, Drug, Mass, & Convenience Retail Solutions